#chartership chat on Twitter – 24 May 2012

Last night, I joined another great #chartership chat, this time on reflection. @joeyanne suggested if I were to write-up tonight’s chat, I could post it to my blog and use it as evidence. What a great idea! I joined the chat a little late but the conversation was already well underway. As usual, it was made up of people at various stages in the chartership process. However, what remains common to most of us is the challenge to be reflective in our writing. Here is a summary of some of the challenges raised during the conversation, along with the advice and suggestions offered in response…

1) How to find motivation to pull portfolio together and draft evaluative statement?

  • Use your PPDP and remember you can add future things to it
  • Don’t be afraid to tweak your PPDP if necessary – the final draft can look quite different from what you started with
  • Use the criteria as headings, note how you meet each of them and why you’ve included each piece of accompanying evidence
  • Match evidence to criteria it most closely fits but cross-reference it too 
  • Treat criterion #1 as 2 separate criteria(personal performance AND service performance)
  • Focus on headings not word count for draft 1 of statement
  • Start writing using pen and paper!
  • Remember to reflect, not narrate!

2) What online tools are helpful for reflection?

  • Google docs
  • Wikis (pbworks) show when last updated so more accountable
  • Learning Logs
  • Regular contact with virtual mentor maintains motivation
  • Blogging can help you find your voice – let it grow organically
  • @idonethis is an easy tool to keep track of what you’ve done
  • IFTTT email alerts can remind you to reflect
  • Review reflective practice questions posed by @Girlinthe’s
  • Join @CILIPquals wiki - open to anyone to view, request access to edit
Lots of questions were asked about using blogs, wikis and learning logs to record evidence. There were also lots of questions about whether these tools are public or private, which may be worth exploring more in the future. Read about WordPress privacy settings here. Thanks to @Library_Michael for kindly adding a piece about learning logs to his blog.
3) Other tips
  • The What/So what/Now what model makes reflection easier
  • Dictate memos to keep a record of evidence for reflection
  • Develop a habit of writing a paragraph or two whenever you “learn” something new
  • Have someone review your portfolio before submission to check you are actually reflecting
  • Ask colleagues to ask reflective questions at random times to promote reflective thinking
  • Update your PPDP before mentor meetings – it is a working document and allows mentor to review your progress
  • Keep a separate CPD log in addition to PPDP
  • Consider planning some milestone-completion treats :)
  • Here’s my personal favourite tip (Thanks too to @joeyanne for the link on how to embed tweets into WordPress)
4) Coping with confidentiality
The issue of confidentiality of candidate portfolios may be worthy of further discussion as it is clearly a topic of both concern and confusion for some. Concern was expressed about cases where an employer will likely read things submitted to CILIP and where there is little confidence in information security. Finding a way to reflect on work-related matters of a confidential nature and to make private thoughts partly public was also expressed as a challenge. Some suggestions for coping with this situation include:
  • Only a few CILIP assessors need see the portfolio
  • Keep blog private if using to record reflective writing
  • Try reflecting in a private way until you become comfortable sharing your experiences publicly
  • Don’t record reflective writing on company network computers

From my own perspective, it’s great to see people really making these chats a part of their routine, even if they can only ‘pop in’ to say hi! It’s also great to learn that more people keep joining the conversation – I noticed a first-timer join tonight. Welcome! As an overseas chartership candidate, the opportunity to share advice, thoughts and resources with an instant network of people in the same boat is quickly proving to be an essential resource for me, so thanks to you all!

The date and time of the next #chartership chat will be announced soon so stay posted. If you have suggestions about when is the best day and time to hold #chartership chat get in touch with @joeyanne or @tinamreynolds. A full listing of tweets for this chat can be viewed in the online archive. Like I said, I’m new to this, so I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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One Response to #chartership chat on Twitter – 24 May 2012

  1. Jo Alcock says:

    Thanks so much for such a great write up! :)

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